Final Reflection

This is the most fun I've had writing for a class ever.

This class has significantly improved my skills in writing for digital environments. I now have a better understanding of how to use audio and video as well as blog posts and social media to contribute to digital culture, not just consume it.

The biggest takeaways from the class were mastering WordPress and learning how to use Adobe Audition, Adobe Premier, and ProTools.


My site has undergone a substantial aesthetic front-end renovation since the beginning of the semester. I made my own logo in Adobe Photoshop, I switched to a less minimalistic theme, and I started hyperlinking words in my posts to other articles. 

While writing blog posts, I learned to attract the reader using a writing style which included embedded content that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I learned that writing video and audio is an extremely powerful way to express oneself.

When we learned to write for the ear, we practiced how to seduce the listener by altering the pace of speech, tightening sample cuts, or layering sound effects. Analyzing video pieces and breaking down A/V portraits gave me a better idea of how to hide ideologies in the gaps of my writing. I practiced hiding ideologies while writing and producing MAZA with my good friend, Beau.

I’m most proud of the MAZA pilot episode because of the amount of time we spent writing, producing, editing, and mastering. We spent so many hours in the audio lab, but I was having fun every single second I spent in there.