Reflection Time

TL,DNR: Heres some more about me and future plans for the site!

Writing has always played a critical role in my life. I’ve used it in the past as an outlet to express my interests creatively. Before taking on the chief editor position for my high school newspaper, I enjoyed writing back-page editorial content and sports articles. It brought me joy that my peers liked reading my pieces and my instructors didn’t seem to hate my writing style.

Writing helps me greater understand my identity by providing me with an exercise in which I must be cognisant of what I know and what I am not sure. Being honest in my writing is of much importance to me. I think the opportunity to generate a meaningful relationship between the creator and consumer of content may present itself more often to a writer with a higher degree of fidelity to values and accountability.

I think that there are a lot of similarities between writing in general and digital writing.  I believe that technology has provided individuals with slightly more evolved tools than pens and papers. These tools gave thinkers new and more mediums to compose individualistic content and create imaginary universes not only faster but easier. Now creators can form media through these new mediums to become producers of culture.

“Do not internalize the industrial model. You are not one of the myriads of interchangeable pieces, but a unique human being, and if you’ve got something to say, say it, and think well of yourself while you’re learning to say it better.” -David Mamet

Not only do these technologies let creatives produce culture, but they also generate more varied ways of making it easy for more human beings to understand the many different cultures arising. is for anybody who enjoys beautiful photojournalism, well-written articles, and fun videos shedding light into the growing competitive mixed martial arts culture around Annapolis, Maryland and beyond.

I hope to use digital technology platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to shape the day to day vision of with photojournalism, videos, and articles. Using these techniques daily will give me the opportunity to interact regularly with readers who wish to express their thoughts. I think that using traditional social media technologies as writing platforms will shape my life by transforming myself from a consumer of digital culture to both a consumer and producer of digital culture.

Shifting from being an individual who consumes digital culture as news articles, sports blogs, and photo journals to one who produces such culture will be beneficial to the readers of my site and me.

I enjoy reading a mix of MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu websites, following seasoned writers as they cover events, watching fights, and other video content on platforms like,, and I love reading blogs like,, and because of the thought provoking ideas in the substance of many of the writer’s articles and videos.

I appreciate discussing the broad issues individuals have while living life every day in the current state of the world. Many of my close peers know that these are the things I like talking about “outside the gym” or “off the mat” because I’m a problem solver. I believe that finding a solution to any of the quandaries human beings have today whether economic, social, environmental or other is a highly difficult task but executing the purposed solution may be even more challenging.

I find this challenge to be so similar to competitive martial arts and especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The planning, tasks, and preparation in training needed to build the confidence to even make it to the day of the competition or “weigh-ins” are exhausting feats, and many human beings opt not to be the one in the arena of competition, far outside of their comfort zone.

Some individuals have an insatiable desire for the simulation of discomfort and the illusion of fear. Some people do not ignore the feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and physical pain but submit to them to grow as a human being. These individuals are often the ones who chose to be in the arena, facing the problem head-on by executing the plan. This philosophy of thinking is a big part of the culture surrounding the competition mixed martial arts world that I seek to highlight this on through the content on this website.

I’m making unique. I wish to use this platform as a way to jumpstart my career as a professional rhetorician. I have a very cool opportunity as chief content curator and I look forward to writing more soon!

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